WordPress eCommerce Development

Faazweb provide an affordable and flexible ecommerce solution tailored according to the clients requirement based on wordpress woocommerce with its powerful and inituitive interface and functionality.
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Today’s it’s obvious to have an online business and Faazweb utilize its expertise and experience to use the latest eCommerce solution to increase profitability and brand value of the company. A well-customized solution according to the need and requirement your company or brand goals.

There is a certain feature one must-have for successful eCommerce online website

Nowadays technology changes the way business runs online and in real markets. By using the power of WordPress which is in no doubts one of the best platform to achieve our business goals online for selling our product or services online. WordPress eCommerce solution let us do the business and you keep eyes on your goal without having to code or learn the platform.

One of the most powerful eCommerce solutions for WordPress is Woocommerce which is leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress and have become the choice of thousands of online shop running today.

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce plugin for working with WordPress. WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, making it the obvious eCommerce choice for thousands of online shop owners.

With WordPress, all of your eCommerce work such as the publishing of new products and modifications of the product description and its attributes are easy to do with an intuitive interface of WordPress dashboard. All the functionalities such as adding new products, editing an existing one, removing of any product or services from the shop, offers discount for limited time, coupons management, and tax and shipping settings for retailers, service provider and wholesaler, entrepreneurs, and startups type of businesses.

eCommerce Solution

Faazweb will provide an easy to use eCommerce solution for products whether its physical product, electronic product, downloadable products or service with woocommerce and WordPress. A well-customized e-shop according to your need and requirement to suit your business

Inventory Management

With woocommerce and WordPress we not only show the products in the best way to the customer but also manage the inventory for your shop online. An inventory management system allows e-shop owner to track and plan their product offering to keep your customer with you for the long term.

Shopping From Any Device

Your eCommerce website does not remain stationary any more. Now your business can reach to your buyers on hand wherever they are. Whether your customer accesses your shop online via desktop, tablets, or mobile they can straight buy their choice of product from where they are.

Coupons & Discounts

It’s a proven marketing and selling tricks to offer your customer a discount on your product and offer discount coupons with limited time offer and expiration settings so that customer can be pleased. With the help of tools of woocommerce, it can be easily achieved and maintained.

Payment Gateways

For any online shopping business to succeed you must offer the customer a multiple choice of payment modes which are easy to use and user-friendly. With the help of plugins and extensions, you can accept payment either through credit cards, PayPal, Payoneer or even crypto.

Affiliate Programs

You can use your influenced buyer or customer to sell your product using their relation or influence by joining your affiliate program. So that we can embed the affiliate system in your WordPress website so that you can grow your business by other peoples or organization to sell for you.

Stay Safe & Secure

Faazweb will create an eCommerce solution which is safe and secure. Don’t worry about that. Customer who likes to shop online from your website feels it so that their trust in your brand improves. We will take every measure to minimize the risk of hacking and online attacks.

Shipping & Taxation

your eCommerce website does not only have inventory but it provides necessary shipping management either it’s international or local with various shipping options with taxation also which apply to you in your country as you configure them. You can track your shipment and arrival time.

Beautiful Store Front

One of the most important and first most impacts of your eCommerce is the design of your eCommerce website which holds your customer engaged with your website. A well designed and properly maintained website will keep your customer to come again and hence increase in your traffic and sell as well.