Wordpress Migration Services

If your server under performing and not upto the mark as par your expectation and you are loosing your visitor, then its time to migrate either domain or hosting or both of them.

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If Your wordpress hosting is not as par your expectation?

If your current hosting provider not providing services as par your expectation, and there are several issues related to your website speed, performance and your website showing downtime then its the time to migrate to a new hosting provider. No matter its happen generally and don’t worry here at faazweb will take care of the process and this will be a hasslefree experience for your migration.

If you plan to move your online live wordpress wesbite or ecommerce solution from one hosting to another for any reason faazweb will help you in this regard. You just put all efforts on us regarding the website backup, database backup, files and server setting and configuration. Faazweb will take care of rest.

Generally the cost and time depends upon your website/blog/ecommerce size, no of files and plugins. There may be some compatibility issue also it will affect the overall costing of the project.

The solution for this problem is to have a full functional backup of wordpress websites with files and MySQL database before initialing any wordpress upgrades. With a complete backup we can debug and fix any error that might come during upgrade. Also, if the problem persist we can revert our wordpress and its plugins to a older version unless and until proper upgrades completes.

I have work with several hosting provider such as Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Siteground, and several others as well. Hosting on Amazon, and cloud also provided on demand. Faazweb will suggest clients to go with the hosting provider whom the consider will provide the excellent performance and customer support.

Let me know what you think about migrating your website. If you have a plan, then we can help you make your website to performa as par your expectation.

WordPress Migration and Making it Live!

* It Requires hosting account with one of the hosting providers such godaddy, bluehost, hostgator, siteground and so on.