Wordpress Upgrades

To maintain the performance and security of the wordpress or any website its mandatory to keep it updated alongwith all the plugins and other features out there.

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WordPress is the most used CMS ever on the planet earth as its open sourced and having a huge community of its user who love to work and code on wordpress. But unfortunately if wordpress not used properly and an outdated version or too old wordpress installation can lead to hacked website so that its very crucial to keep wordpress and its plugins up to date and not easy for hackers, malware, virus to infect our website.

One can think that why worry if we can upgrade wordpress in single click?

Its true that wordpress upgrades is not a very much complex process and can be done easily from inside the admin panel dashboard of wordpress in few minutes by a person with little technical knowledge and can install various updates themselves. The problem arise when there may have some conflicts in upgrade or could face some error and its stop abruptly leaving the live website in a dead state and website will not run anymore.The solution for this problem is to have a full functional backup of wordpress websites with files and MySQL database before initialing any wordpress upgrades. With a complete backup we can debug and fix any error that might come during upgrade. Also, if the problem persist we can revert our wordpress and its plugins to a older version unless and until proper upgrades completes.

Let’s Faazweb will Do it for you

Don’t worry about your wordpress up-gradation process. let’s put your trust and confidence on us we will upgrade your wordpress seamlessly for you. We just not update your wordpress but also make an functional backup of your old wp files and MySQL database with us. We also upgrade Plugins so that there is no issue with plugins.

Get Ready to Upgrade!

Faazweb will maintain high standard to keep your website safe and secure and upgraded.

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