Wordpress Performance & Security

Performance assessment is an important part of any business of any size. A well designed & optimized secure wordpress website of your company perform as it should be.

WordPress Performance & Security 1
WordPress Performance & Security 2

The first thing is that the website should be load quickly and does not took too much time to load it completely as it faints the visitor interest in the website. That’s why its necessary to keep our website in such a way that it loads quickly.

Steps to Improve Performance

  1.  Its start with testing of website speed and load test so that the issues can be addressed and recommend changes to improve the page load time, and page size as well.

  2. Your site must score a good value at Google Page Insight and GTMetrix. Also Website must equipped with AMP Accelerated mobile pages for mobile devices to load it quickly.


  3. To reduce the load time website content can be delivered via CDN (Content Delivery Network) and caching system so that static content of website can be served rapidly and hence improves the load time.


  4. Sometimes problem is with the wordpress theme itself or the plugins which are used on the website causing the problem. It should be resolved by updating it to latest version or replacing to improve the website performance.


  5. Your host may become another clog in your site performance if does not meet the requirement and standard then upgrading your plan may work for you otherwise you can migrate your website to another host for better option and performance.


  6. Your website must be free from any broken links and request as well.


  7. At last but not the least try to keep all the things on your website updated such as the wordpress itself, and its plugins and should be monitored regularly.

WordPress Security

  1. Security is the most important aspect of any system. Hence, the same is case when you are using wordpress platform or any other for your online business or website.

  2. A complete review of your website for any security holes, vulnerabilities, and any parasite malware code injection etc is necessary. Faazweb recommend using some trusted security plugins and features for your website to keep out of any hack. 

  3. Making your hosting configuration, wordpress settings and ftp file permissions, using strong passwords for your website admin panels and using a two-step verification process to make it more secure